We Are WatchMeCelebrate

Hi, we’re Florentine and Mara, the creators behind WatchMeCelebrate.

Our shared passion? Birthdays! Because we believe that every person deserves to have their special day celebrated in style, once a year. With meticulous care, boundless enthusiasm, and a whole lot of fun, we curate the finest ideas and inspirations, all in the pursuit of crafting unforgettable birthday experiences. Let’s make every birthday truly exceptional!

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WatchMeCelebrate: Your Go-To Birthday Inspiration

WatchMeCelebrate is the brainchild of Florentine and Mara, a brand dedicated to curating handpicked birthday inspiration. We’ve sorted our content into various categories like Decorations, Cake Ideas, Quotes, and Birthday Cards, showing you how to create grand celebrations with simple means while nailing the perfect theme.

From a young age, we eagerly anticipated our own birthdays, conjuring up imaginative themes to add that extra sparkle and create unforgettable moments. Today, our greatest joy lies in crafting extraordinary birthday celebrations for family and loved ones that will be cherished for a lifetime.

So, why did we decide to launch this platform?

We discovered a shared passion and wanted to share our hobby with others. WatchMeCelebrate is our way of spreading the love for birthdays and helping you make every celebration truly exceptional.

Mara Hollasch
Social Media Management

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Hi there, I’m Mara, and I loooove birthdays. To me, there’s such an enchanting quality to them. The delightful anticipation when you first open your eyes, the flickering candles, and of course the decorations. For me, the magic in celebrating a birthday is not in the presents you get or you give, but the cherished moments with loved ones. In my book, whether you’re 5, 55, or wiser, everyone celebrating a birthday should feel truly special, no matter their age.

Florentine Lichtschlag
Article writing , SEO

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My name is Florentine and for me Birthdays are more than just a date on the calendar—they’re moments of joy, growth, and celebration. In crafting articles for our blog, I find immense fulfillment in being part of the journey that makes these occasions truly special. Birthdays unite people in happiness, and through our content, I aspire to spread the joy, offer creative ideas, and contribute to the tapestry of memorable moments.