120Pcs Black and White Birthday Decor

25.95 $

Create an unforgettable ambiance with our 120Pcs Balloon Garland Kit in chic black, white, and metallic silver. The perfect black and white birthday decor –  this kit brings sophistication to any event.

Introducing our exquisite Black and White Birthday Decor, featuring 120 pieces of high-quality latex balloons in a sophisticated palette of black, white, and metallic silver, along with stunning silver confetti balloons is the perfect black and white birthday decor. This kit is meticulously designed to add a touch of elegance and glamour requiring a sleek, stylish backdrop.

Why Our 1120Pcs Black and White Birthday Decor Stands Out:

  • Elegant Color Scheme: The timeless combination of black and white balloons, enhanced with metallic silver and confetti accents, provides a versatile decor option that suits a wide range of themes and venues. Whether you’re planning a chic wedding, a milestone birthday, or a glamorous event, this garland will create a visually stunning focal point.
  • Premium Quality: Each balloon in our kit is made from durable, high-quality latex, ensuring they stay inflated longer and maintain their beauty throughout your event. The metallic and confetti balloons add a unique texture and shine that catch the light beautifully, elevating the overall aesthetic of your decor.
  • Versatile Decor: Our balloon garland can be tailored to fit any space or style. Arrange it as a dramatic entryway, a captivating backdrop, or a sophisticated accent along banisters or tables. The possibilities are endless, and the results are always striking.
  • Easy to Assemble: The kit includes everything you need for assembly, including a variety of balloon sizes for a dynamic, layered look, a balloon tying tool, adhesive dots, and a clear string for hanging. Our easy-to-follow instructions make creating your balloon garland a breeze, no matter your level of decorating experience.
  • Package Contents: This all-inclusive kit comes with 120 latex balloons in black, white, and metallic silver, plus silver confetti balloons. Also included are assembly tools and instructions, ensuring you have everything you need to create an enchanting display.

Product Specifications of the 1120Pcs Black and White Birthday Decor:

  • Quantity: 123 Pieces, 120 balloons
  • Balloon Colors: Black, White, and Metallic Silver
  • Special Balloons: Metallic Silver Confetti Latex Balloons
  • Material: High-Quality Latex
  • Balloon Sizes: Includes a mix of sizes for a dynamic, layered look; for more details please look at the gallery images
  • Kit Includes:
    • Black Latex Balloons
    • White Latex Balloons
    • Metallic Silver Latex Balloons
    • Silver Confetti Latex Balloons
    • Balloon tying tool
    • Adhesive dots
    • Clear string for hanging
  • Intended Use: Wedding, Birthday Party, Graduation, Corporate Event, and other celebratory decorations
  • Features:
    • Sophisticated and elegant color scheme suitable for various themes and venues
    • Made from durable latex to ensure long-lasting display
    • Easy assembly with included tools and detailed instructions
    • Versatile decoration possibilities, from dramatic entryways to captivating backdrops
  • Assembly: Designed for easy setup, suitable for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike
  • Packaging: Securely packaged to ensure the balloons and accessories arrive in perfect condition

This Black and White Birthday Decor is designed to offer an elegant and sophisticated option for decorating events. With its comprehensive set of high-quality latex balloons and easy-to-use accessories, it provides everything needed to create a stunning visual display that elevates the atmosphere of any celebration.


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